Sunday Scaries

Sunday evening, they sit in the living room and share a beer. It’s the last beer. The 30-pack Nathan had picked up from the corner store had gone faster than they’d thought. They are down to a lot of last things. The last beer, the last slice of bread, the last gallon of gasoline in … Continue reading Sunday Scaries

A Family Gift

I can see it all, and I know exactly what will happen. I have second sight, which I got from my father, who foresaw his own death. My second sight, however, can only extend a few years into the future. I’ve seen a decade pass once or twice, but it’s rare. I think my mother’s … Continue reading A Family Gift


“So this is inevitable withdrawal / Even if I stop wanting you / And perspective pushes through…” – Amy Winehouse It was like a fever breaking – falling out of love. Like waking up to a suddenly clear morning after days of delirium. Katie’s mother never told her about that part. She’d raised her on … Continue reading Withdrawal

Harry Potter Fanfic

Notes:Harry Potter is on fall break from a wizarding university in London after finishing his Hogwarts education. He’s popped into his favorite café, owned and operated by his best friend’s family, outside Diagon Alley and reconnects with an old friend. Ginny still lives at home with her parents and helps run the business. She’s in … Continue reading Harry Potter Fanfic