Harry Potter Fanfic

Notes:Harry Potter is on fall break from a wizarding university in London after finishing his Hogwarts education. He’s popped into his favorite café, owned and operated by his best friend’s family, outside Diagon Alley and reconnects with an old friend. Ginny still lives at home with her parents and helps run the business. She’s in … Continue reading Harry Potter Fanfic

Walking Through March

National Poetry Month Entry #1 | Prompt: life as a metaphor Smooth, steady stride across new pavement fresh breeze rustling hair sun-warmed shoulders Measured, deliberate steps around disturbed earth dried thorns grabbing sleeves cold mud under fingernails Slow, unbalanced shuffle up the final hill wet socks rubbing blisters sweating, breathless and tired


In the five years he'd been working at the Center for Disease Control, Dr. Jackson Bowie had never had an issue like this. A week prior, on what should have been just another Tuesday at the laboratory, he instead found himself facing the biggest crisis of his career. His desk chair was missing. His utterly … Continue reading Urgent