In this piece, I was inspired by Laura Chalar’s “Over dark water - August 1820: The Shelleys move to Bagni di Pisa” and a line within that read “standing at the stern in dappled light.” Standing at the stern in dappled light, a shield slung across his back, heavy with iron and wood and muddy … Continue reading Battleship


1. still smooth pillowsalways coldmy half-empty bed 2. small wooden boxtoo heavyto have ashes inside 3. grey felt stockingwhite paw prints -- empty this year 4. don’t touch the pill boxresting on the windowsillmy last piece of him 5. Back door left openwarm for Novemberbegging winter – wait

Sunday Scaries

Sunday evening, they sit in the living room and share a beer. It’s the last beer. The 30-pack Nathan had picked up from the corner store had gone faster than they’d thought. They are down to a lot of last things. The last beer, the last slice of bread, the last gallon of gasoline in … Continue reading Sunday Scaries

A Family Gift

I can see it all, and I know exactly what will happen. I have second sight, which I got from my father, who foresaw his own death. My second sight, however, can only extend a few years into the future. I’ve seen a decade pass once or twice, but it’s rare. I think my mother’s … Continue reading A Family Gift


“So this is inevitable withdrawal / Even if I stop wanting you / And perspective pushes through…” – Amy Winehouse It was like a fever breaking – falling out of love. Like waking up to a suddenly clear morning after days of delirium. Katie’s mother never told her about that part. She’d raised her on … Continue reading Withdrawal