In this piece, I was inspired by Laura Chalar’s “Over dark water - August 1820: The Shelleys move to Bagni di Pisa” and a line within that read “standing at the stern in dappled light.” Standing at the stern in dappled light, a shield slung across his back, heavy with iron and wood and muddy … Continue reading Battleship


1. still smooth pillowsalways coldmy half-empty bed 2. small wooden boxtoo heavyto have ashes inside 3. grey felt stockingwhite paw prints -- empty this year 4. don’t touch the pill boxresting on the windowsillmy last piece of him 5. Back door left openwarm for Novemberbegging winter – wait

Walking Through March

National Poetry Month Entry #1 | Prompt: life as a metaphor Smooth, steady stride across new pavement fresh breeze rustling hair sun-warmed shoulders Measured, deliberate steps around disturbed earth dried thorns grabbing sleeves cold mud under fingernails Slow, unbalanced shuffle up the final hill wet socks rubbing blisters sweating, breathless and tired