The NYCMidnight Flash Fiction Challenge is an annual worldwide writing competition where entrants are randomly assigned a genre, location, and object and tasked with writing a short story (no more than 1,000 words) within 48 hours of receiving their assignment. The entries are judged and the best stories/writers move forward to the next round. Here … Continue reading Urgent

April 9 : A Not-So-Quiet Place

Shhf-shhf-shhf... polyester coats rub against armrests and lights dim as speakers surge-- a signal to be quiet. But cellophane crackles like static and a greedy palm fills with hard-shelled candied noisemakers readily popped and crunched between teeth. Salted, greasy fingers rummage in waxed bags before giving the kernels a good toss-- shick shick-- to find that perfect puffed piece. A rasping, lisping … Continue reading April 9 : A Not-So-Quiet Place