In the five years he'd been working at the Center for Disease Control, Dr. Jackson Bowie had never had an issue like this. A week prior, on what should have been just another Tuesday at the laboratory, he instead found himself facing the biggest crisis of his career. His desk chair was missing. His utterly … Continue reading Urgent

April 9 : A Not-So-Quiet Place

Shhf-shhf-shhf... polyester coats rub against armrests and lights dim as speakers surge-- a signal to be quiet. But cellophane crackles like static and a greedy palm fills with hard-shelled candied noisemakers readily popped and crunched between teeth. Salted, greasy fingers rummage in waxed bags before giving the kernels a good toss-- shick shick-- to find that perfect puffed piece. A rasping, lisping … Continue reading April 9 : A Not-So-Quiet Place