Walking Through March

National Poetry Month Entry #1 | Prompt: life as a metaphor Smooth, steady stride across new pavement fresh breeze rustling hair sun-warmed shoulders Measured, deliberate steps around disturbed earth dried thorns grabbing sleeves cold mud under fingernails Slow, unbalanced shuffle up the final hill wet socks rubbing blisters sweating, breathless and tired

April 12 : Cityscape

fingers hover over keys storm clouds over a city so close-- almost touching fingertips to rooftops one drop, two, a million pour a story bounces off bricks throws itself into gutters drains to the sewer muddy mess lingers weeds sprout between the cracks but wildflowers take root too


The following is a creative non-fiction assignment from the prompt: season, time of day, time of year, month, etc.                 It’s that time again. Winds are turning to breezes and cold is turning to cool. My pens are doing more daydreaming than homework. Two days after a snowfall, I’m baring shoulders and shins. Woolen caps … Continue reading Blackbird