I Am…

I am a singin’ in the early spring rain under my Broadway umbrella,
top down in the sun in a
British import woman.

I am a Zelda-saving-Ocarina-playing-Link-loving woman.
A Chucks-and-raspberry-skinny-jeans,
backpacking across Europe woman.

I am a death metal woman. Disney crooning, Frank Sinatra swaying,
80s hair band rocking, OHMYGOD-I-just-hugged-Bret-Michaels-on-TV,
and yea-sometimes-I-like-a-fiddle woman.

I am a BlackBerry (now Android) wielding, “Where are my keys!? Oh, in the microwave…” woman,
an orange juice after toothpaste, Edward and Jacob loving,
Rock. Chalk. Woman.

I am a drinking sweet red wine and dreaming about literature woman,
a curls and pearls woman.
A never-been-stopped woman.

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