Crypticon 2017

Hey, pals. Here’s a super quick breakdown of my first Crypticon adventure. For those of you who might not be “in the know,” Crypticon is a lot like other comicons if other cons had gangs of murderous clowns and serial killers running amok. So, you know, good times.If you’re a fan of horror movies, slasher flicks, or special effect makeup Crypticon is the place to be. For more information on what you missed at 2017’s show, click here.

The story starts last year when I decided to be a sea siren (like a mermaid, but with fangs and spooky stuff) for a Halloween party and spent hours and hours and hours constructing a seashell bra, a crown, and the ugliest skirt I’d ever seen. It was a a disaster. I felt exposed even though I was pretty much fully covered. The skirt was too long and the material kept catching every single leaf and twig it brushed against. An actual nightmare of a skirt. But, eighteen billion drinks later I was having a grand ol’ time and when I got home I decided to keep the costume in my closet.

Halloween 2016! Thanks for the bad angle, MOM. That shredded fabric tore so many pearls and shells off… Oof.

Fast forward six months and Planet Comicon was looking for live cosplay models for the Drink ‘n’ Draw kickoff party. Feeling particularly brave that day, I volunteered my siren costume (it was the only costume I had besides a Harry Potter robe). They agreed, I did some repair work and added a cape, and BOOM. Siren Vol. 2. I was a lot more exposed in this version since I ditched the shredded cloth across the front and added netting, but somehow I felt more comfortable than the previous outing. I made it through the evening unscathed and the costume again went back into the closet.

I’d had a couple drinks by this point, so I was feeling pretty good about myself. It helped that a great group of friends was on hand at the event to keep me upbeat and distracted from bad body thoughts.

Fast forward another two months. Alison wants to go to Crypticon. I want to go to Crypticon. Alison is going with a really cool Mad Max group. I have no costume. And who wants to be the only one not in costume at an event like this? So. Back to the drawing board I went with my siren. I repaired the bra (again), upgraded the beading, and made a super luxe skirt that I actually sorta love but failed to get a picture of. BOOM. Siren Vol. 3. Oh, and I shoved a fish hook through my face! Kidding. I sculpted a fish hook out of Sculpey III clay, painted it with silver acrylics, and glued it down with latex and toilet paper. And away we went!

The looped end piece is actually separate from the hook- I carried it between my teeth for a more convincing “through the cheek” look.

I was blown away by some of the other cosplays at the event. So much creepy creativity! Even though I was way out of my league among the other amazing costumes, I was lucky enough to be given one of the black chip tokens that granted me automatic entry to the final round of the costume contest later that night. I was shocked, humbled, and a little confused. It was my first contest! When I got up on stage I really wasn’t sure what to do with myself– most everyone else was following a character so they had poses or acts. I was just a mermaid who got herself hooked. What do you do for that?! So, I’m sure I looked like a doofus just standing there. Oh well.

A closeup of the makeup. Many many thanks to Sabrina at the U.S. Toy booth for gluing my latex back into place after my snack break!

While I didn’t win anything, it was still a very cool and validating experience. And congratulations to the Mad Max troupe– you guys killed it!

There you have it, folks. Crypticon 2017. A wild ride from start to finish.

Materials Used:

Bra: old Torrid bra spray painted gold, bag of real seashells, massive amounts of E-6000 adhesive, plastic pearl beads, multicolored glass pearl beads, bag of tiny real starfish, Halloween creepy-cloth for the sleeves and back, real fisherman’s net for detail and texture.

Cape: Fisherman’s net tied with soft rope and detailed with plastic pearl beads, glass pearl beads, and starfish.

Skirt: Hunter green 4-way-stretch Jersey knit fabric.

Crown: Plastic king’s crown from a party store covered in shells and pearls using hot glue.

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