April 26 : Last Days

Dwelling on goodbye–
a firm farewell to the mid section
of the last decade of my Youth.
Tomorrow brings a solid footstep
toward the next chapter in my book.
I wake up 28, which sounds so serious,
and possibly erroneous,
because just yesterday wasn’t I only 21?

Twenty one on the cusp of full adulthood,
fresh from schooling and far from worries.
Still in the early section of this prime decade
not yet worrying about night cream and
life insurance.

Twenty one and still never had been in love
but it was okay
because I was young and things were still new.
I still had so much time laid before me
why rush?

But now I’m staring down 30
and I’m afraid of what I haven’t done.
Afraid I’ve lost the time
to fall in Love– capital L because it’s that important
and I don’t even know why,

to travel, to take The Risk
without the Big Consequence.

It’s a small silly thought,
born from paranoid nights spent in childhood daydreams,
but it’s there.

Welcoming me into the next year.

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