An Impromptu Bucket List

1. Touch an elephant.

2. Borrow a pygmy goat.

3. Sleep outside with just a blanket and a pillow.

4. Turn the sprinklers on while someone’s in the danger zone.

5. Drive over 150 miles per hour.

6. Meet any of the bands/artists on my iPod’s Most Played List. DONE

7. Fit into a size ten.

8. Open my own business (nightclub, coffeeshop, coffeeshop that also supports rock ‘n’ roll shows, generally awesome bar).

9. Drink absinthe the way it was meant to be experienced. Sugar, spoon, and the little green fairy.

10. Make it onto the New York Time’s Bestseller List (Top 500 works for me).

11. Be a guest star on a TV show.

12. Win an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.

13. Win an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay.

14. Win an Oscar for Best Costume Design.

15. Go to the Grammys.

16. Save someone’s life.

17. Fall in love.

18. Visit Prague again.

19. Buy my own house.

20. Make enough money to not have to worry about making enough money.

21. Have a star named after me.

22. Cover every inch of my room with memories, posters, and photos. DONE

23. Own a wicked sound system, complete with turntables.

24. Have a record collection that rivals Peyton Sawyer’s on One Tree Hill.

25. Paint something amazing and keep it forever.

26. Paint something amazing and sell it.

27. Get a tattoo in a spot I can’t cover up. DONE

28. Pierce something other than my ears.

29. Ride a horse.

30. Go to New York by myself.

31. Write a song.

32. Write a book- a finished book with which I’m completely satisfied.

33. Shake the hand of an internationally known politician/political leader.

34. Shoot a gun. (This does not connect to the previous list item, I promise…)

35. Take flying lessons.

36. Go on a roadtrip with my best friend(s). DONE

37. Go on a roadtrip with someone I barely know. DONE

38. Adopt a shelter dog.

39. Volunteer at a crisis center for abused women and children.

40. Have a song on a platinum record dedicated to me.

41. Have a novel dedicated to me.

42. Travel to Europe again.

43. Cut my hair super short.

44. Become fluent in a foreign language.

45. Reduce my carbon footprint.

46. Have a relationship with someone famous.

47. Become famous for something.

48. Learn how to tie a tie.

49. Get contacts.

50. Be happy in whatever I choose to do.

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